I’m driving to LA tomorrow. If I leave early enough, and if my car can make it, I should be there by 10 or 11. It’s been a long time coming, this second act.

I used to live there. I made some music and memories there.

Now it’s been a few years since I’ve created a professional (non-DIY) album. And I don’t think I’ve EVER made an album like this. This is something special.  I’ve got Ethan, my producer, running things, and I’ve got songs that I am over the moon about. Songs I love singing.

I am going out of my comfort zone with this. The direction we’re going isn’t my standard M.O., and yet the songs at the core are the same kind of stuff I started playing when I was 14.

I’m full of contradictions, huh? I can’t wait to be done and yet I don’t want the process to end. This whole project feels overdue and right on time.

I am in such a different place than I was when I lived in LA –  there’s been three or four chapters in between. And the next one, a page-turner, is called Idalee.