There’s plenty to be optimistic about this year.

But mainly, I’ve been thinking a lot about my slip ups. My awwww man moments.. My failures. One in particular stands out. When I was out in LA a while back, living the dream so to speak, I screwed up royal. I had happened upon people in the elusive music industry that I dreamed about in math class. But I let them float by. I burnt bridges, singed others. And I never looked back after I let my demons stripped all the good away.

Until now. Like I said in my last post, I am sticking my neck out. I’m reaching out to new people, and I’ve got a focus now. But more than all that – I’m reconnecting with the failures in my past. I’m actually looking at them, wondering about them, poking at them. I’m sending some uncomfortable texts to old buddies. I’m making calls that make me squeamish. And what I’ve found out is that it’s so cathartic. It heals wounds. Even if people tell me to go to hell (and they do), I feel better. I did what I can with a right (enough) head on my shoulders.

Take it from me. With all the great things that come with moving on, and moving forward. Take a sec sometimes to look back.