Yes. I’m a dad now.

Back in the day, I was partying in LA, recording in for a record company in Santa Monica and playing shows regularly.

idalee-music-and-daughter-min (1)I’m at it again these days, the music part at least, and things have changed. I’ve changed. My responsibilities¬†have changed. I have my daughter to think about now. She’s my life and the reason I think I haven’t died yet. She needs me and I need her.

Music is a passion unlike anything in else in my life. I write a new riff almost every day and a new song at least every week. But sharing them is harder now. Performing is harder now. Because I have to make money, preferably decent money, in order to support my family. A tour means I’m away from my girl. Self releasing my last album was incredible, and time consuming, expensive. I will do it again because I believe in my music and I love it.