The Heal Project

“Heal” is featured on Starting Now, Idalee’s debut EP, a folk-laced alt-pop collection of punchy yet melodic tracks that mine the rich soil of the artist’s personal narrative. The album, out January 21, 2016, is produced by Ethan Kauffman, a veteran indie producer, and mixed by Will Briere, who worked on the Killer’s Hot Fuss album.

With Starting Now, Idalee is reclaiming the territory addiction once stole, but with greater purpose and soul than ever before. “Heal” will be available as a free download—in exchange for letting fans know about much-needed reforms to a criminal justice system that needs to do some healing itself.

Starting Now, EP

On an album titled “Starting Now,” you’d think its title track would be enough to inspire forward motion and starting over. And inspire it does. But a song like “Fury” gets to the heart – or maybe the gut – of what makes such hitting-of-the-reset-button necessary. There are bold words in that track. They ask, what if you really are who you imagined you could be? What if the reality were better than the dream?

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