“Going up to my hotel room to work on new songs became something I looked forward to every night on tour,” Reynolds adds. “There were definitely a few times when the person next door’s banging on the wall because it’s 4 a.m. and they’re trying to sleep and I’m in there belting out some song I just wrote.”

–Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons

I relate to this, and I love this.

Since their EP tracks started eating radio, I developed a fondness for Dan’s lyrics and Imagine Dragons’ sound. But more than that, I dig that the frontman seems, at least to me, to be an even-keeled dude. He doesn’t head out to the revelry and Jack Daniels to forget the night. He makes the most of the night. He writes. I like that.

I think it was on the Today show where I first heard him talk about this phenomenon: how he doesn’t do the whole rock star wannabe thing that so many bands do when they reach the arenas. He seems like he likes the art more than the fantasy.

I can relate to that now. I couldn’t before. But I have this understanding now that, while it’s easy to party – and, yep, fun – it’s better to create. Trying to do more of that these days, and this guy is a big inspiration.


photo credit: Imagine Dragons 14 via photopin (license)